Case Studies: User Experience

Assess New Flight Simulation Technique

Airplane cockpit control panelHFN carried out research on the effectiveness of “above real-time training” (ARTT) as a flight simulation training technique. The client was Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). ARTT means presenting flight scenarios at a faster simulated speed than they would be flown in a real aircraft. HFN’s research demonstrated the advantage of combining ARTT with realistic-speed training and also demonstrated the performance gain from using a high-resolution training display.

Conduct Heuristic Evaluation of Software Tool

Software program on a computer screenHFN was contracted by MRI Global on behalf of the US Federal Highway Administration to assess SafetyAnalyst, a set of software tools that will be used by highway agencies to improve their assessment and treatment of roadway sites with higher than expected numbers of crashes, using  cost-effective countermeasures. A systematic inspection in relation to recognized usability principles, or heuristics, of SafetyAnalyst’s user interface design was carried out to identify usability problems that could be addressed during the iterative design process. Informal usability tests were conducted with potential users.

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